Report: 251 women killed, injured in 6 months. Yemeni women are victims of Houthi violence, its wars 

English - Monday 26 November 2018 الساعة 04:51 pm
Taiz – Newsyemen 

The Yemeni Coalition to Monitor Human Rights. Violations (YCMHRV), also known as “Rasd. Coalition in Yemen documented the deaths of 129 women during the first half of this year and the injury of 122 others as a result of attacks, firearms, sniper and landmines in a number of provinces.

The report, distributed by the Coalition in conjunction with World Day against Violence against Women, monitored the abduction of 23 women during the same period,

It pointed out that the Houthi militia was directly responsible for the majority of these violations, in addition to practicing the worst kinds of other violations, which include mutilation, physical and verbal harassment, exploitation in security work, hindering them of education and work, and forced them in the early marriage.

The coalition said that women in Yemen face different forms of violence in the absence of the State's institutions and social protection and awareness organizations and bear all the scourges resulting in armed conflicts, the victims of the war are suffering physically, psychologically and morally.

The Yemeni Coalition expressed its deep concerns over the attacks, arrests and illegal investigations carried out by Militias on the mothers of the abductees of Sana'a University students and women protestors in the capital Sana'a.

it also expressed its deep concerns over campaigns of incitement against women activists, civil society women, humanitarian workers who are subjected to systematic campaigns aimed at their lives and their families, compromising their dignity and threatening their families.