Houthis freeze Civil Society organizations’ work 

English - Tuesday 27 November 2018 الساعة 09:20 am
Sana’a – Newsyemen 

Houthi militias officially approved a freeze civil society organizations’ work in areas under their control, according to an official document, #Newsyemen got a copy of it. 

Human rights sources considered this move as a dangerous development that paves the way for a new phase of repression, violations of human rights, militarization of civilian life and the deprivation of society and freedoms.

The directive was issued by the head of the Political Coup Council Mehdi al-Mashat, to the Minister of Social Affairs in the Houthi government so as suspend and ban the issuance or renewal licenses of civil society organizations from trade unions, organizations, federations and charities.

The freeze duration of the civil society organizations work did not mention without being determined (until further notice) according to the directive.

Al-Mashat's directive called for referring the emergency cases in the ministry's monthly reports.

A human rights source told #Newsyemen that the al-Houthi militias' termination of the civil society aims to rob humanitarian and food aid of the people in need to monopolize its distribution within the group, as well as to prevent any action against its practices and human rights violations.