Islah militants ask for amounts of money to leave Kamran Company 

English - Tuesday 27 November 2018 الساعة 01:17 pm
Taiz – Newsyemen 

Sources said to #Newsyemen that the Islah party has asked for amounts of money under the pretext of saving the Kamran company's property since the war in 2014. 

Local officials attacked the parties that works to obstruct the normalization of the situation in Taiz city in an official meeting attended by Dr. AbdulQawi al-Makhlafi. 

A joint meeting among the local authority, the tax Unit and the Chamber of Commerce stressed to left the company's headquarters of Islah militants. 

The company is expected to return to its headquarters to pay its tax returns and pay taxes. 

The company's representative in the meeting, Fouad Abdullatif said that the company will supply the local resources with Y.R 24 billion annually if it returns to work and resume its work at its headquarters.