Houthis control liberated sites after Islah fighters bull back

English - Monday 03 December 2018 الساعة 05:17 pm
Taiz – Newsyemen

Local and military sources said that fighters belonging to the 17th Brigade loyal to the Islah Party in Taiz province retreated from their positions in the districts of Maqbna and Jabal Habashi fronts, west Taiz, which enabled the Houthi militia to recover liberated sites.

The sources told Newsyemen that the Islah fighters retreated from the dozens of the liberated sites they had seized last week in the two fronts of the two districts.

Sources said that the militia positioned in Udeen Mount and other surrounding sites. The suffering of the people will repeat again, adding that they ignored the people's suffering in the region.

The people in the two fronts are subjected to be sniped or killed or shot by Houthi militia.