Diphtheria spread in al-Hodaidah as 349 people infected amid people's concerns

English - Tuesday 04 December 2018 الساعة 01:52 pm
Al-Hodaidah – Newsyemen

Statistics revealed that 349 people were infected with diphtheria in al-Hodaidah, al-Mahweet provinces, according to a medical source in the hospital at al-Thawra Hospital in al-Hodaidah city.  

 The source added that the deaths amounted to 84 cases until the first of December, most of whom were children under the age of twelve.

An official source at the Public Health and Population Office revealed that the vaccination campaign against the diphtheria had failed because of the incomplete targets of the geographical scope.

The Office blamed the Houthi militias for impeding the WHO teams so as to complete the vaccination campaign.
In addition, there are doubts about the epidemic vaccine, the Health Office had received tens reports over the side effects of the preventive vaccine of the epidemic, as some people were died, some reports confirmed there are complete paralysis in the vaccines.

The source accused the World Health Organization of retreating its previous commitments early 2017 to provide an intensive care room for diphtheria patients, but nothing comes until this moment.