Houthis torture detainees to get confessions as criminals

English - Tuesday 04 December 2018 الساعة 03:07 pm
Al-Hodaidah – Newsyemen

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Newsyemen that Houthis kept in the four main prisons in Tehama "who decided to kill them" under a war cover.

In documented testimonies, the eyewitness listed torture executions of detainees who were subsequently transferred for purposes of terrorizing them, and their fate would be similar to those executed before their eyes.

The sources revealed the ways of these executions, saying the sharpest is the iron bars fixing in the detainees' shoulders the militia issued a death sentence to them until the detainees' body get broken.

The torture executions before the other detainees so as to get them confessions before the militias' media to be published later as they are being criminals or terrorists.