Yassin Makkawi: countries try to save Houthis

English - الأربعاء 05 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 10:06 ص
Riyadh – Newsyemen

Mr. Yassin Makkawi, an adviser to the Yemeni President Hadi & a member of the Government Delegation for talks, said that the supporting of international parties to Houthis is a dangerous precedent and pose a menace to communities.

Mr. Yassin Makkawi said, in an interview with Asharq AL-Awsat Newspaper
that al-Hodaidah city must be liberated to restore the region's security.
He added that a lot of initiatives have been launched on the city, but it was unrealistic and do not know what is happening on the ground.

Mr. Yassin Makkawi stressed that the issue of al-Hodaidah must be fully recovered from the grip of the Iran's militias, and that Yemen would not allow to be a hole of the ongoing conflict leading to further tension in the region.

Iran's militias now live in their weakest condition and cannot resist the National Army and counter its strikes on the ground, said Mr. Yassin Makkawi.

The references of the national dialogue will lead to a peaceful solution to Yemen's crisis, Mr. Yassin Makkawi said. He reaffirmed to the Houthis' disarm, end the coup and restore the Yemen's State.

Mr. Yassin Makkawi said that some points raised by the UN Envoy for Yemen are inadmissible by the Yemeni government and It is difficult to talk about them in the current time.