Houthis move Central Security soldiers to Sana’a

English - السبت 08 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 10:02 ص
Ibb/Aldhalea – Newsyemen

A security source in Ibb city said that dozens of the Central Security Forces' soldiers were moved from Ibb city to Sanaa province, a security source said to Newsyemen.

The source added that soldiers refused to obey orders and participate in fighting along with Houthi militias against the Army in Damt military front.

Abu Kadhem, Mohammed Daes, of Sa'ada province was appointed a leader of the Central Security forces in Ibb who ordered to arrest soldiers before moved them to Sana'a.

 The source confirmed that 60 soldiers were arrested, warning the lives of them or torture or abuse them.

A military source said to Newsyemen that 25 Houthi gunmen were captured in Damt military front.