Houthi gunmen attack businessman's house in Capital Sana'a

English - السبت 08 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 10:32 ص
Capital Sana’a – Newsyemen

Gunmen backed by Houthi militias attacked the home of a businessman in Capital Sana'a, according to an official notification, Newsyemen read it.

 In a statement to the Houthi de-facto authorities, the businessman Sami Jumaan said he was surprised by an attack by dozens of gunmen on his house, including a barrage of bullets, using light and medium weapons.

He pointed out that he submitted three consecutive reports a few days ago about the facts of direct threats made by Houthi leaders, especially the so-called Abu Hussein al-Sharif, who is as deputy director of the Western Region Security in the Capital Sana'a.

He added that Houthi militias besieged house, firing bullets on his house, pointing out that his children and his family survived certain death.