Government, Houthis delegations on talks in Sweden

English - السبت 08 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 09:20 م
Stockholm – Newsyemen

The Houthi delegation to Sweden's talks hold stern positions over key issues , while the Government delegation presented practical methods so as to run Sana'a and al-Hodaidah International Airports

The Houthi delegation maintains indirect talks in Sweden, facilitated by Martin Griffiths and his aides, to discuss humanitarian issues

A government delegation’s proposal includes the opening of Sana'a airport before passengers and their flights as an internal airport

The airport will be subjected and inspected at Aden or Sayoun airports as precautionary measures to ensure the Airport's safety for not use it in war purposes

Houthi militias refuse the planes to be subjected to inspection, as well as passing through Aden or Sayoun airports

The Houthis refuse to deal with the proposals over the situation in the port and the city of al-Hodaidah, and put forward the same positions

They limit only to engage the international side to supervise al-Hodaidah port for humanitarian reasons

Al-Hodaidah port should be neutralized from the military conflict," said Mohamed Abdel Salam, head of Houthis delegation to Sweden's talks, to Qatari-Al Jazeera channel on Friday

While the Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik said the government is ready to " End the Coup" if the Iranian-backed Houthis insisted on their extremist and rejection positions

The Houthis insist in their positions not to end the Coup and, evacuate the Capital Sana'a and hand over arms, as required by the UN Security Council Resolution

Houthis renew a standstill for previous rounds of negotiations, saying that it is necessary to form a Government First "and then withdraw weapons from all parties

While the government delegation confirmed the disarm of the Houthi group, stressing that it could not be achieved peace without throwing the Houthis arms"