UN Secretary General to attend Yemen's talks

English - الجمعة 14 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 04:41 م
Al-Hodeida - Newsyemen

It is confirmed that the agreement over the prisoners' file will be on Jan. 19, 2019 and a date to start implement it.

The move came as expectations the UN Secretary-General António Guterres will attend the final day of the Yemeni talks in Sweden.

The Yemeni source revealed to Newsyemen that the western pressure came to push the proposal of the UN envoy for Yemen over al-Hodeida.

Till now there is no  progress indications on Taiz siege by Houthi militias, said Rana Ghanem, adding that Taiz issue is a national and will not solve only after getting a comprehensive solution for the peace issue in Yemen.

The Yemeni prime minister Maeen Abdulmalik said the doubted that the remaining time would be sufficient to reach an agreement.