Houthis' landmines still kill, injure civilians in al-Hodeida

English - الجمعة 14 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 04:50 م
Al-Hodeida - Newsyemen

A father and his daughter were killed while on  their way to visit their  relatives, sources said to Newsyemen.

A landmine was exploded in a school yard during cleaning work carried out by school's students, no causalities were reported among the students, the sources added.

The landmine was hidden among the trash, it was difficult to recognize it, the sources pointed out

Houthis was used the school as military barracks after it was liberated by the joint military forces in al-Hameli area in al-Hodeida province.

A day earlier, a father and his daughter were killed due to the blast of a Houthi landmine in Hais district in al-Hodeida.

The father and his daughter were internally displaced persons in the district, killed when they were on their way to visit their relative on motorbike .

The father and his daughter were identified as Mr. Mohammed Dawood Hendi and his daughter,13,.
Houthi militia continue shelling civilians' houses in Hais district randomly, causing the damage to civilians' houses.