António Guterres to participate in Yemen’s final-day- talks in Sweden

English - الجمعة 14 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 05:13 م
Stockholm, al-Hodeida – Mocha – Newsyemen


The UN Secretary General António Guterres is to participate in the Yemen's talks in Sweden on Thursday.

UN sources said to Newsyemen that Guterres would join the Yemeni consultations in Sweden "to support the efforts of his Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths

Both the UN Secretary General and his special Envoy for Yemen would announce the final results, a few hours remain, to declare the final statement over the talks.

The Western pressure pushes for a consensus concerning the port of al-Hodeida at the last minutes.

The Swedish foreign minister said the results of the Yemeni consultations would be presented to the UN Security Council on Friday.

The ambassadors of the United States and the United Kingdom exert pressure on the government side over the Martin Griffiths's proposal for al-Hodeida City and its Port.

Earlier, the government delegation held meetings on Wednesday with the ambassadors of the two countries after a principled objection to the proposed proposal.

it was reported that there were understandings over Sanaa' International airport and the central bank of Yemen, in addition to the prisoners file, but nothing was achieved about the siege of Taiz province and opening its crossings.