Islah security checkpoint kills tribal figure in al-Dhalea

English - الأحد 16 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 05:27 م
Al-Dhalea – Newsyemen

Sheikh Saleh bin Saleh al-Atabat, a top Sheikh and well-known, was assassinated on Sunday, sources said to Newsyemen.

Sources added that he was killed while he was driving his car in al-Jabarah area in al-Dhalea province as he refused to remove the photo of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Secretary-General of the GPC Aref al-Zoka on his car's glass.

Soldiers tried to remove the photo forcibly then the Sheikh al-Atabat refused, he was killed immediately and three companions were injured.

Sheikh al-Atabat was killed in a security checkpoint of the fourth brigade of the National Army, one of the Brigades affiliated with the Islah Party.