Wanted in Mukalla city killed amid trying to blow himself up

English - الاثنين 17 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 06:57 م
Hadramout- Newsyemen

A wanted man was shot and killed on Sunday by the security forces in Mukalla city in Hadramout province amid storming a travelling agency office and threatening to blow himself up inside the office.

A security source said to Newsyemen that the wanted known by Yasser Ali al-Amoudi who the court sentenced him to death stormed Aynat for Travelling and Tourism.

The source added the wanted threatened to blow himself up after the agency’s employees could not catch him, then forcing themselves to escape the scene.

The security services immediately rushed the office building, demanding al-Amoudi to surrender himself, but he refused and submitted a list of requests.

During the negotiations with him, the Special Forces fired on air air, confounding the suicide bomber inside, and was shot and killed him instantly.

The security source explained that Mukalla first instance court sentenced al-Amoudi to death after he was convicted the murder of the victim Mr. Hamza Hussein al-Husseini on Ramadan, 02nd, 1434 A.H.