Why are Houthis afraid of the smartphones? (1-2)

English - الخميس 20 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 11:35 ص
Sana’a – NewsYemen.net

The Houthi militias, the Iranian's Arm in Yemen, increase their brutality from one day to another in the Capital Sana'a and in the Houthi-controlled areas, the de-facto areas, in massive violations against civilians till reaching privacy violations.

However, a more brutal aggression was made by the Houthi militias towards civilians' mobile phone cameras, especially outside a Houthi group based on a sectarian side. It is not a new to say that a large part of the violations against civilians' cameras or the contents of their own special cell phones, including hundreds of kidnappees for the same reason.

The Repression to cover Houthis' violations

The Iranian's arm carried out violations against the Yemeni people, in the de-facto controlling areas, and they rise from one day to another. The Houthis tend to practice repressive means against the Yemeni people.

It is not allowed for a citizen to document such a violation or violations or any such an accident could be happened in Sana'a street via his or her a smart phohe camera.
Dhekra Mohammed has a story mentioned it to Newsyemen that she saw a story “ While we were at al-Rowaishan tour waiting for traffic sign to open to cross , our stopping came across the passing luxury cars, through the cars’ sunroofs were children, ages less than 10, screaming Death to America, Death to Israel, al-Suad, mercenaries and hypocrites."  

"A youth tried to document those moments with his a mobile camera and we were surprised when an armed man wearing a military uniform hurried towards us to pull the phone out of his hand and verbally assaulted him with insults and bad words, the armed man saying to the youth" You are a mercenary,  you are an agent for America and Israel, why do you take pictures", the armed man did not leave the youth until he deleted the pictures, videos; moreover, the phone was inspected with threatening the youth to be dragged in case just he thought to take another pictures.

Another scene repeated while a Houthi gunmen, accompanying a Houthi leader known by Abu Sharaf, attacked a Taxi driver in Hadda area as the gunmen requested the taxi driver to give them spaces so as to pass the road then the gunmen got out of their cars, pulled the taxi driver out of his car then they started beating him.

A young lady tried to shoot a film / take photos while she was walking nearby the scene, one of the gunmen noticed her, and he rushed towards her and pulled her mobile phone out of her hand, then said in a loud voice, , "What do you do, a daughter of bitch / a daughter of HARAM, 'meaning illegal lady' ? do you want to take pictures and would publish them on media outlets, after that he hit the taxi driver by the girl cell phone then he threw the phone on the ground."

Because of Houthi repression, many Sana'a civilians and Houthi-controlled areas have neglected using their own personal smart phones, said Um Kamal, a teacher at Maeen Educational Department in the Capital Sana'a.

She added that once I was attacked orally by a Houthi supervisor, as the Houthi tried to break my cell phone when I took out my cell phone out of my bag to answer a call at a time there was a Houthi supervisor nearby. The Houthi supervisor also was dealing very badly with one of the employees at the governmental Offices for the purpose to pass a document deal which it was an infraction.