Army liberates more areas in Ahem triangle

English - الخميس 27 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 12:22 م
Hajjah -

The Yemeni army announced on Wednesday that it had taken control of new sites overlooking  Ahem Triangle in Harad district of Hajjah province, northwest Yemen.

The commander of Harad Axis, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Al-Hajouri said in a press statement that the army forces liberated al-Sheha'ab under al-Mehsam strategic mount, and al-Madfaeya and al-Masharefia hills as well as the last roads leading to the city of Harad.

The Brigadier al-Hajouri said that the progresses came after fierce battles against the militias that continued since the early hours of Wednesday and the militias suffered heavy losses in lives and military equipment.

Dozens Houthi militias were killed in raids by the Arab Coalition warplanes in Ahem district, while the army captured three militia elements during the battle.