Houthis target al-Hodeida city, villages again

English - Saturday 29 December 2018 الساعة 09:04 am
Al-Hodaida / Mocha- NewsYemen.net

The Houthi group, the Iranian arm in Yemen, repeatedly continued its violations ceasefire in and around al-Hodeida city on Thursday.

The Iranian arm in Yemen targeted sites of the joint Resistance forces and several villages, a military source said.

The source added that militias targeted at 6 am, the joint resistance sites and the villages of al-Marazeeq in al-Jah area with machine guns of 14: 5 and RPG missiles.

The attacking came in conjunction with the meetings of the joint tripartite committee to organize the redeployment in al-Hodeida province.

The militias resumed targeting the positions of the joint resistance in al-Jah with automatic weapons of 14: 5 at 7:30, according to the military source.

The militias renewed the shelling at 9:30. The military source said that the Houthi militias fired a mortar and fell down Mills' junction in al-Hodeida city.

The Houthi militias also targeted the joint resistance sites and the villages of al-Marazeeq in Al-Jah on Thursday noon.

The soldier Nayef Zayed Ibrahim Qameri was injured by a Houthi sniper stationed in the vicinity of al-Halaqa market.