Document: 50 Houthi students killed in Sana'a

English - Saturday 29 December 2018 الساعة 09:35 am
Sana’a –

A list of 50 names, are students, including children in the list, were killed in the military clashes between Houthi militias coup and the Yemeni army.

The 50, who were recruited by Houthi militias, are from one district in Bani Hushaish in Sana'a province.

The document cited the names of 50 children were studying and recruiting at the Science and Faith school in the district.

Human rights sources accused the Houthi militias of criminalizing the massacre of the students for sending them to the military battles.

Houthi militias rely heavily on the provinces under their control, which doubling the number of children that killed in the war.