Abductees, detainees reveal what happened to them in Houthi Jails

English - السبت 29 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 12:06 م
Taiz – NewsYemen.net

Abductees revealed that they had been subjected to severe psychological and physical torture at the time of their detention in Houthi prisons.

A death was a wish for one of abductees as he got heavy torture.
Saeed al-Athuri said in a call with Newsyemen that he spent more than a year in a Houthi prison in Taiz before being released in an exchange deal with Houthis, and subjected to various kinds of violations.

Al-Athuri talked about a list of Houthi torture against detainees in prison, including continuous beatings with sticks, rifle butts, sharp instruments, pull body on the ground, sleep deprivation for days, chained and suspension, forced drinking of contaminated water and burning with electricity.

"They broke my finger and they continued to beat me in my abdomen, they hung me, pouring cold water on my body"

The released Ahmed al-Selwi said to Newsyemen that the Houthi interrogators took off prisoners' nails and burn their backs with hot skewers, in addition they are prevented to expose for sun, causing them skin Disease.

Al-Selwi added Houthi detained me in Taiz, they jailed me in al-Saleh city at the end of 2016, then they moved me to secret prisons in Dhamar then the military police in Sana’a.

He continued: "I have been subjected to several acts of torture that did not happen by law, then warplanes came and hit the headquarters of the military police, I injured.

" I was taken to a Sana'a hospital, and Houthis contacted my family to pay the medicine bill, then they returned me to a secret prison in Sana'
my family knew, they pay medicine bill then Houthis took me to a secret prison in Sana'a.