Students’ critical conditions prevent them to take test, Maysoon as example

English - Saturday 29 December 2018 الساعة 02:47 pm
Al-Mahweet –

An eight-year-old girl walks a daily on foot to study. The girl suffers from harsh chilly winter for walking 4 KM from al-Nadhari area in the city of al-Merwah a center of al-Khabt district in al-Mahweet province.

Maysoon studies at Arwa Girl School which run by male teachers. " Today is the last day of the midterm test, the Science Subject is the last to take it as a test, Maysoon was shocked when the class teacher Yahya al-Ruaini and Mohammed al-Aadar refused the girl to take her test because she did not pay Y.R 5,000 for the School's Department.

The amount of money which is requested by Maysoon's sponsor to pay are going to the Educational Cadres because of stopping their salaries and it is a contribution by the students’ fathers.
Maysoon studies at Arwa School, and she travel 4 KM every day to arrive in her school. She is still at the beginning of her educational career, but her father only paid Y.R 750.

Maysoon at the last days of her midterm tests, the father did not pay the rest of money and the School department did not allow his daughter to take the test.

After a 4-KM journey, Maysoon was fired from her school.

Maysoon's story spread on social media on Facebook. An education office at the district sent an investigation committee, which ruled that the girl must test first then it will separate a problem between Maysoon's father and the Teacher, known also a supervisor.