Houthis secret camps in al-Mahweet, fines are imposed on married

English - السبت 29 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 08:11 م
Al-Mahweet - NewsYemen.net

A local source said that Houthi militias had recently set up secret jails in the northwestern province of al-Mahweet.

The militias have developed training camps in the areas of "al-Arjeen, Bab al-Maeen, al-Hamam and Jabal Manaber" in the district of al-Khabt, the source added.

He pointed out the Imamate in Yemen used these jails during the revolution of September 1962.

The source said that the Houthi militias practiced a series of intimidation and violations against the people in areas where special training camps have been established in the area of Bab Maeen located at between Malhan mountains and al-Arjeen area, including Wadi Tebab, taking advantage of the natural fortifications and the density of forest trees around it.

He pointed out that the Coalition warplanes targeted one of the camps earlier in the area, "al-Hamam" but the Houthi militias are still present in the camps of Manbar Mountain and Maeen Door close to the target camp.

Married men paid Y.R 500 monthly for a Houthi supervisor, known Abu Ali who came from Sa'ada province.

The Iran's arm in Yemen has imposed other fines on merchants or traders who are forced to pay at various Houthi occasions.

Local sources pointed out that the militias were carrying out a recruiting campaign for young men and minors in al-Mahweet and sent them on military fronts.