Houthis abduct relief worker, storm Orphans Home in al-Maraweah

English - Sunday 30 December 2018 الساعة 08:13 am
Al-Hodeida – NewsYemen.net

Local source said that al-Maraweah district had experienced Houthi crimes as a relief employee was kidnapped and Orphans Care Home was stormed.

Yahya Ayesh Ateq was kidnapped, of al-Maraweah district in al-Hodeida province, working at a relief organization in distributing the humanitarian aid. Ateq was taken to an unknown destination.

The Houthi militias stormed the Orphans Care Home in al-Maraweah district after breaking its doors and looted laptops, although the center was closed.

The militias continue to prevent the passage of humanitarian convoys and the closure of al-Hodeida road while on their way to Sana'a.

It is worth to mention that the UN team works to arrange the redeployment plan so as to free al-Hodeida out of Houthis while Houthi militias continue to move workers from al-Maraweah into the city to dig tunnels inside the city.