Houthi militias force Tehami families to displace, leave areas

English - الأحد 30 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 11:42 ص
Mocha – NewsYemen.net

Dozens of families fled their villages and farms in Tehama, al-Tuhaita and Hais, under forced displacement and expulsion by the Houthi group, the Iranian arm in Yemen.

Such families live in harsh conditions in simple tents set in the open air amid the sand in the West Coast nearby Mocha.

Aisha Hassan said Houthis broke into their homes in mid-Ramadan, killed two of her husband's brothers.

Aisha added that they fled under threat they were not allowed to take any of their belongings even clothes.

Many displaced people complain here in primitive camps lacking the most basic necessities and services that they receive no aid.

Aisha added that their husband is an incapacitated man, getting trauma by Houthis, there is no sponsor for the family, and dozens of others in difficult health and living difficult conditions as well.

Militias continue to target and bomb the civilians' villages in Hais district and al-Tuhaita.

Many people have been displaced, escaping Houthi projectiles to fell down on their simple houses, including their sheep and livestock that could be able to take with them.