Video: Houthi missiles pursue the displaced fleeing its bombing in Tehama

English - Monday 31 December 2018 الساعة 04:29 pm
Al-Hodeida - Mocha - 

Houthis crimes daily pass on homes, villages and farms in al-Tuhaita district as such news no more and no less for followers and news' recipients. 

The direct impact on dozens of families when in particular the elderly, women and children suffer from injuries and complications. 

Martyrs' numbers were not be remained who lose their lives, leaving families back without a sponsor or a father. 

The area of suffering expands to include income sources and mined farms, and others are subjected to Houthi shelling or Houthi snipers. 

In Tuhaita villages are suffering from daily consolations. Tehami people who are peaceful, are subjected to endless crimes and violations.

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The displaced people dispersed escaping from shelling and pounding or death in others areas to live in , as well as found distributed themselves in Mocha, al-Khukha and Yakhtel districts. 

Even in the mentioned areas are not safe. Houthi missiles followed them. Houthis target every and any area or a space where Tehama people live in. 

Rockets, mortars, RPGs, artillery, machine guns and sniper fires are a death searching for people, their homes, burn their tents and their hay, and their houses and even destroy other simple houses.