Deputy FM: Sweden deal requires Houthis’ withdrawal from al-Hodeida

English - الثلاثاء 01 يناير 2019 الساعة 05:02 م
Al-Hodeida – Mocha –

The Stockholm agreement on al-Hodeida requires the withdrawal of Houthi militias from the ports and the city of al-Hodeida," Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Hadhrami said.

The Yemeni government called on the international community and the five permanent members to send firm messages to Houthis about attempts to deceive the Sweden agreement.

The Yemeni government also affirmed the need to implement the agreement and abide by the relevant international resolutions, stressing the full agreement implementation before any talk in the future.

The United Nations and its coordination mission for redeployment in al- Hodeida lied the Houthis' story over al-Hodeida port, and their completing to handover and redeployment on Saturday.