Source: We are ready to end the battle but abide by the Command Directives

English - Tuesday 01 January 2019 الساعة 03:41 pm
Al-Hodeida – Mocha –

The Government team met with the leaders of al-Amaleqa (the Giants) Brigades, the Republic's Guards Brigades, Tehama Brigades, an official media source accompanying at the Government team at the Joint Commission for the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) said on Tuesday.

The media source said to Newsyemen that the meeting came with the framework of the mechanism ceasefire arrangement so as to ensure the implementation of Sweden agreement.

The source praised the level of discipline, commitment and responsiveness of all units of the army forces, and its high readiness to implement the High Command directives.

The source said the Government Committee found fully responded to the directives of the Supreme Command from all the army units, despite the units’ thirst and their readiness to end the battle.

The source affirmed the continuity of the government team to take all the arrangements, reaffirming the keenness of the High Command to complete the comprehensive implementation of the Stockholm agreement.