Hadi's decisions put Taiz under actual tutelage of Islah Party

English - Tuesday 01 January 2019 الساعة 04:18 pm
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The Journalist Majid al-Mudhhaji said on Tuesday that Islah Party finally succeeded in its efforts to displace the governor of Taiz, Dr. Amin Mahmoud.

The move came in conjunction with the change of the commander of   Taiz Axis Khaled Fadel as part of the deal.

He made it clear that the replacement of the commander by the Major General Samir al-Haj is also  a close to Islah Party.

Al-Madhhaji comments on Facebook came amid Hadi's decrees appointing a new governor for Taiz province and a new Taiz Axis Region.

President Hadi appointed Nabil Shamsan al-Qadasi as Taiz governor, and Samir Abdullah al-Sabri as Commander of Taiz Axis Region and a leader of 145th Infantry Brigade.