Civilians' in al-Oqosh village: Houthi militias besiege us

English - الأربعاء 02 يناير 2019 الساعة 09:34 ص
Al-Hodeida –

Residents of al-Oqosh village in Hais district in al-Hodeida province issued an appeal call for the Joint Resistance Forces to secure them of Houthi militias’ snipers.

Houthi militias besieged the village and its people in their houses and prevented them from going out to graze their sheep in the vicinity of the village.

The residents said that they were completely trapped at their houses after being targets by the Houthis and for anyone who wants to leave a house.

The Houthi militias isolated the inhabitants of about 60 houses from reaching the city of Hais through the sand roads linking their village to the district's center.

The residents added in an appealing call, NewsYemen got a copy of it, that Houthi militias started to plant landmines on secondary roads between the districts of al-Khukha and Hais.

The residents also added that the militias forced 50 families to flee their houses in al-Hameniya village, which is adjacent to their village to the north part.

Half of these families fled to the heart of Hais city while the other half into al-Oqosh village, in which their material conditions are tragic.

It is worth to mention that a woman,40s, was shot and killed early Tuesday by a Houthi sniper.

Villagers then gathered to bury the dead woman at the time Houthi firing live bullets.

Another woman was injured by a Houthi sniper who was difficulty rushed her to al-Khukha city by the villagers.