Islah Party allocates Taiz electricity, plan to seize Saudi fuel grant’s share

Islah Party allocates Taiz electricity, plan to seize Saudi fuel grant’s share

English - Thursday 03 January 2019 الساعة 05:11 am
Taiz –

The Islah Party duplicates a Houthi model as the Houthi militias destroyed the State electricity sector in Sana'a as the Party established trade and private electricity companies in Taiz, central Yemen.

In mid-December, the Islah party launched a commercial company that is active for sale an electricity, called "Yemen Co." to supply Taiz city with commercial electricity.

Informed source said to Newsyemen that the company is run by Mahmoud al-Zawqari, a new investor of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization' funds in Taiz city.

The company is engaged in investment in the energy sector, starting in its first stage to deliver the electricity to shops and houses, and lighting the streets on old airport streets, and Beer Bash, Addahi, al-Maror, al-Aujainat, Gamal AbdelNasser, and Mohammed Ali Othman areas.

The company uses the equipment of the State's General Electricity Cooperation, even Technically, (power stations - transmission lines - utility poles), but the company asked the subscribers to get or to buy its electrical meters, and as for a kilowatt costs Y.R 400 riyals.

"Yemen Co." revenues are expected to be a huge financial contributor to Islah party amid it is expected to reach at least half a billion Y.R a month at this stage.

A governmental source revealed to Newsyemen that Islah Party's plan tends to get a monthly amount of the grant of Saudi oil derivatives under the pretext of operating power plants in Taiz city then it really goes to run their own company's generators.

The company was inaugurated after the destruction of the branch of the General Electricity corporation’s infrastructure in Taiz by armed gangs belonging to the Islah Party during the past two years.

The destruction included the looting of electricity station equipment and generators (generators, appliances, cars), and the network of high voltage lines, the network of electricity supply lines to houses in the neighborhoods and streets north Taiz city.