Video reveals Houthi attempts to distract the moment of humiliating withdrawal

English - السبت 05 يناير 2019 الساعة 01:07 م
Al-Hodeida – 

The Houthi militias besieged in al-Hodeida, between the military decree to end the battle by the Joint Resistance Forces or the United Nations option.

The Houthi militias resorted to its method of fabricating facts and recycling them as rumored by hard-working volunteers or even instigators to stir confusion and engage people inside discussions.

Two short videos were recorded, according to a well-informed source, are recorded at a Joint Meeting Point between the Joint Resistance Forces and the Houthi militias under the Patrick Commission arrangements to open roads and secure the government team's crossing into the city to participate in the second-round meetings that began on January 1, 2019. 

The Houthi elements and the fighters of the Joint Resistance Forces met one another inside al-Hodeida city, the two sides discussed security arrangements at the same point, and in the rapid debate, the two sides exchanged assurances of the commitment to calm and to preserve the transit areas.

Houthis wanted to invest the moment to deliberate intentions that hid the faces of the fighters of the Joint Resistance Forces, who in fact inside al-Hodeida city, only fighters' feed and parts of their military uniform are shown at the recorded videos. 

The two videos recording are evidences that the fighters of the Joint Resistance Forces are actually at the heart of al-Hodeida city in facing the Houthis.