Houthi landmine kills many livestock in al-Hodeida 

English - Sunday 06 January 2019 الساعة 04:13 pm
Al-Tuhaita – NewsYemen.net 

Dozens of livestock were died in a landmine blast planted by the Houthi group, the Iran's arm in Yemen, in al-Awani village, east al-Thuhaita city, in al-Hodeida province, west Yemen on Saturday. 

Local sources in al-Tuhaita city said that the Houthi militias planted the landmine which caused the killing tens of sheep for Mr. Ahmed Suhail. 

The sources added that the militias deployed dozens of minefields near the residential neighborhoods east the city till al-Shabiliya west Zabeed city at a distance of 5 kilometers.

The Houthi terrorist landmines undermined the grazing activity on which most of the people surrounding al-Tuhaita city depend on the grazing.