Leader of Tehama Resistance calls forces to resume al-Hodeida's liberation 

English - الأحد 06 يناير 2019 الساعة 07:54 م
Al-Hodeida – NewsYemen.net 

Tehama Resistance Forces leader AbdulRahman Hajri on Saturday that announced the state of alert, calling forces to raise readiness to liberate al-Hodeida city. 

In a statement to Newsyemen, the leader Hajri said that the Tehama Resistance forces will not remain idle before the Houthi crimes. 

He added that the Houthi militias do not fulfill any agreement signed by their part, and the history of the group are full of hundreds of agreements that have been disavowed and turned over. 

The leader said that the weapon is the closest way to liberate the city and force the militias to accept peace.

He described the militias' acceptance to sit around the negotiating table as "maneuvering to gain time and rally their rats in the city,".

The leader called the head of the UN Redeployment Committee the General Patrick to inform the international community over the Houthi violations.