Houthi's shells destroy civilians' houses in al-Tuhaita

English - منذ 823 يوم و 10 ساعة و 58 دقيقة
Al-Tuhaita/Mocha – NewsYemen.net

Houthi militias destroyed civilians' houses and terrified children amid the shelling on al-Tuhaita district center in south al-Hodeida province on Tuesday evening.

The Residential areas were hit by the hysterical bombardment of dozens of Houthi artillery shells that falling down on civilians' houses.

Several houses were destroyed. The houses of Mr. Hussein Ghareeb and Mr. Fares Ahmed Salem Dukhn were damaged by the Houthi shelling.

The Houthi shelling coincided with a series of attacks and violations of the ceasefire in al-Hodeida city, where the Houthi militias renewed Tuesday evening the bombing of the eastern and the southern areas.

The militias carried out arrests and kidnappings among the young people in different parts of al-Hodeida city inside their houses.