Al-Zainabeyat militias torture women in Jails

English - منذ 822 يوم و 21 ساعة و 47 دقيقة
Sana’a –

Women sources in the Capital Sana'a said to Newsyemen that the Houthi women militias, known by al-Zainabeyat, have tortured women who have been abducted and arrested by the militias before their release.

Some women who have been disappeared before ten days said that they have been detained at Houthi jails, they have been interrogated by al-Zainabeyat interrogators.

The sources added that three out of five women in the Capital Sana'a were subjected to electric shocks and beatings with sticks.

Some of them who were released have appeared burns' marks. Some families refused to speak or to disclose what they had suffered because of the Houthi's threats against the families' legal guardians.

The Iranian-backed Houthi militias had sent supervisors threatening families' legal guardians in case speaking to the media outlets or disclose that they have been abducted or tortured by the Houthi women militias, al-Zainabeyat.

It is worth to mention that al-Zainabeyat are groups of armed Houthi women. Their duties break into women's institutions as well as State' institutions as well as torturing women.