Cholera kills, injures 87, Houthis refuse organizations intervene

English - منذ 822 يوم و 21 ساعة و 23 دقيقة
Al-Hodeida –

A medical source at al-Zaideyah Rural Hospital north al-Hodeida city, west Yemen, reported the death of nine people, including three children, after severe water diarrhea and severe vomiting, likely to have cholera.

The source explained in an interview with Newsyemen that the Cholera Center received within three days 87 cases suffered from water diarrhea.

The patients came from al-Zaideyah district center and al-Adyerah area that located the west of the city, the source mentioned.    

The source said that the epidemic outbreak was expected due to the failure to complete the preventive measures that were supposed to be completed in October last year.

The militias bear the responsibility for obstructing the teams' work in examining water wells periodically, according to the epidemiological surveillance map prepared by the Health Office in the district and a UNICEF specialist team, the source said.

He warned the increasing numbers of cholera victims, noting the most cases that have been examined were positive, which means the cholera began to spread in the absence of medicines, and failure to respond to repeated calls to combat it.

He stressed that the Houthi militias prevented many organizations to reach the district so as to intervene to put an end to the epidemic.

Cholera killed 31 people in September and October in al-Zaideyah district, north al-Hodeida city.