Houthis kidnap, disapear 120 women in Sana'a

English - منذ 822 يوم و 13 ساعة و 13 دقيقة
Sana'a - NewsYemen.net

The Yemeni Organization to Combat Human Trafficking (YOCT) on Wednesday revealed new information that Houthi kidnapped and disappeared dozens of Yemeni women in Sana'a.

The YOCT got new information over the horrors of abuse, torture and disappearance of women and girls in secret jails.

The YOCT promised to take all the legal claims before all those involved in these crimes and violations at the Yemeni and international courts.

The YOCT warned of the de-facto authorities in Sana'a of trying to justify the abduction crimes and disappearing dozens of Yemeni women as well as practicing the worst forms of torture and violation in the Yemeni history.

The YOCT said the leaders' attempt involved in these crimes at the General Department of the Criminal Investigation in Sana'a to justify their crimes is a condemnation of themselves by insulting the victims on baseless charges without any proofs.

Abu Sultan and other Houthi leaders are involved in crimes, such as looting Women's jewelry and money and hiding them for several months for false allegations, it said.

It had uncovered shocking information about the atrocities of the Houthis against 120 women and girls who were abducted and hid by Houthi militias in secret prisons in Sana'a.