Houthis mobilize for a double attack south al-Hodeida

English - منذ 823 يوم و و 52 دقيقة
Al-Hodeida – NewsYemen.net

The Houthi militias on Thursday deployed dozens of gunmen in al-Sa'adeyah and al-Mahjar areas, south Hais districts in al-Hodeida province. 

A special source for Newsyemen said that the militias are preparing to launch a major attack on the coastal road linking between the districts of al-Khukha and Mocha.

He said the Houthi militias deployed several Katyusha rocket launchers with large armed groups in al-Sa'adeyah and al-Mahjar area.

He pointed out that the Houthis are preparing to launch a major attack on farms west Mawshaj in parallel with the movement of other groups to attack the road link between the districts of Hais and al-Khukha, south al-Hodeida. 

Sources said that that the Houthi militias installed a ballistic missile launcher in Jabal al-Ghaziya that overlooking the two roads: Hais-al-Khukha road, and the coastal road extended between al-Khukha and Hais districts. 

Sources said to Newsyemen that the Houthi militias intend to launch naval attacks and land in the areas of al-Nakhila and al-Haimah, south al-Khukha. 

The militias intend to send military boats towards al-Nakhila and al-Haimah coastal port, south al-Hodeida. 

The Sources said that the militias had prepared 12 boats that very similar to the fishermen’s boats in south al-Hodeida province. 

Witnesses said they saw dozens of Houthi gunmen conducting training in al-Rak area, north al-Jabanah coast on diving and using rubber boats. 

They confirmed that Houthis dressed similar the fishermen's clothes in those areas.