Houthi militias commit 520 violations, 212 attacks on Army

English - منذ 820 يوم و 22 ساعة و 4 دقيقة
Al-Hodeida/Mocha – NewsYemen.net

The Military Forces General Spokesperson Abdo Mujalli has revealed that Houthi militia committed 520 violations to ceasefire in al-Hodeida since December 18, 2018 until January 17, 2019, including 212 attacks on the Army.

According to Saba News Agency the spokesperson said that Houthi militias continued breaching ceasefire through attacking the Government team and sending drones.

The Houthi militias targeted al-Hodeida neighborhoods included firing random shells on civilians' houses.

The military spokesperson considered targeting the government's team, who monitors breaching ceasefire in Hodeida- by a Houthi drone, is blatant challenge to the international community and its resolutions.

He called on the International Community, Security Council, the sponsors of Sweden Agreement and a Head of the RCC to take necessary measures against the Houthi militias and committing it to adhere the ceasefire and withdraw from al-Hodeida and its ports.