Houthi militias besiege al-Zurqa House in Hajjah, kidnap 35

English - منذ 820 يوم و 20 ساعة و 6 دقيقة
Aden – NewsYemen.net

The Houthi militias, the Iranian arm in Yemen, kidnapped around 35 civilians in Hajjah province, northwest Yemen, amid imposing an armed siege in al-Zurqa area in the province.

The Houthi militias also kidnapped civilians of al-Zurqa's house in the Capital Sana'a.

Local civilians said that the Houthi militias impose a total siege since days on Mabyan, Okab and Bani al-Zurka areas in Hajjah amid the killing of a Houthi supervisor in the area.

The Houthi militias threatened the civilians to shell the area.

They added that Houthi groups led by Taha al-Hamzi and Issam al-Arabji besieged the house of Sheikh Dhafran al-Zurqa who is close to Sheikh Akram al-Zurqa.

Sheikh Akram al-Zurqa and several of his relatives were killed during confrontations against the Houthi militias in the December 2017 Uprising in Shamsan district in Hajjah. Later, the militias broke into his house and kidnapped women and children.