A Game .. A Houthi lethal gift rips four children apart

English - منذ 822 يوم و 4 ساعة و 26 دقيقة
Mocha – NewsYemen.net 

See how did the landmine hurt Fahim, they were three children, they saw a game, when they were playing it, it went off on them, the small child was injured in his finger.
“We went to run the water tank, we got a game, we played it, it exploded at us.”
“We were four, one was gotten hurt in his fingers, me and my friends on our legs.”

“This is my son Alaa, they followed me to run a water project of the water tank, they found a game, they played it, it went off on them, they were gotten hurt.”
“One was gotten hurt in his hand's finger, my son in his leg, and others in their legs as well, some of whom are healed, others their limbs have been amputated.”

“My son Alaa has gotten fractions, we took them to the Hospital of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) they stayed there to heal”
These landmines are the Houthi remnants, they made games such as landmines, these are the Houthi remnants in al-Fazah area, in al-Tuhaita district in al-Hodeida province.