Al-Odaini calls to close Taiz Tourist Club

English - منذ 820 يوم و 14 ساعة و 26 دقيقة
Taiz –

Abdullah Ahmed al-Odaini, a radical at the Islah Party and a member of the Parliament on Friday called to close Taiz Tourist Club that the Authorities have reopened it on Sept. 07th last year.

Al-Odain's claim to close Taiz Tourist Club came amid the announcement of the Culture Office's willingness to present the film “10 Days Before the Wedding”.

During the Friday sermon, al-Odaini called worshipers to demonstrate and close the club, describing what the Culture Office does as "evils" and calling for everyone to demonstrate.

It is worth to mention that the film 10 days before Wedding is the first long Yemeni film was produced with local capabilities, and presented for the first time in Aden city in August last year during Eid al-Adha.

The film discusses the impact of the war which reflects negatively on the hopes and expectations of the ordinary people. It has achieved a great success locally and internationally.