Houthis infiltrate from Hadheya to kidnap Resistance soldiers in parts of Mocha, Hais

English - منذ 820 يوم و 14 ساعة و 19 دقيقة
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Local and field sources warned of a few gangs who were sent by Houthi militias to markets and remote villages in the western coast adjacent to the western outskirts of Taiz to carry out terrorist operations and the abduction of civilians or soldiers who returning to their villages through getting the help of pro-Houthi supporters.

Earlier, private and field sources confirmed to Newsyemen that the Houthi militias gathered in the mountainous sites of Hadheya and al-Gaziyah areas, the western parts of Maqbana-Shamir area, south Hais nearby al-Mahjar area in Mocha district.

The sources revealed to Newsyemen that a solider of the National Resistance was abducted by the Houthi militias and another was able to hardly flee in the past two days.

The solider Sami AbdulQawi who recently came from Mocha in his village in al-Sada north al-Juma’a after pro-Houthis draw him to the northern parts of al-Sabla market while he was out for shopping to abduct him there.

The solider was transferred by the Houthi militias to Hadheya area.
Houthis used collaborators to monitor and report about soldiers who joining the Joint Resistance Forces.  

Sources talked about that the Houthi militias tortured abductees in Hadheya and al-Barh areas, west Taiz so as to get information.

The Houthi militias gathered large forces to Hadheya area adjacent to al-Mahjar of Mocha district and overlooking Hais district, threatening a possible attack on al-Najaiba area north al-Hameli on Friday.