Abu al-Abbas Battalions kill three al-Qaeda elements in Taiz

English - منذ 822 يوم و 4 ساعة و 1 دقيقة
Taiz – NewsYemen.net

Abu al-Abbas Battalions announced on Saturday the killing of three members of al-Qaeda in an operation in Taiz province, central Yemen.

The move came after the Battalions had got al-Qaeda's places nearby al-Kadaha front in Taiz.

The Battalions said that the Rapid Intervention Unit carried out a qualitative operation on Saturday morning against terrorist elements, including the wanted by Taiz Security the terrorist Anas Adel.

Abu Al-Abbas Battalions added that Anas Adel and Waleed Atef, another wanted for the Security, and another whose identity was not identified, were killed nearby sites of al-Kadaha.

Anas Adel AbdulJabbar and Waleed Atef were among the most wanted dangerous terrorists for the Security Services for the assassination of several members of the Army and Police during the last period in Taiz.