Hussein Al-Emad admits Houthi torture against women

English - Tuesday 22 January 2019 الساعة 08:42 pm
Sana’a –

Hussein al-Emad confirmed the information circulated about the trading operations carried out by the Houthi leaders over abductees' issues, stressing the release of kidnappees in return of money, some cases reach to Y.R 5,000,000.

Hussein Al-Emad held the responsibility of Abu Saqr, in managing the violations against the kidnapped women and citizens at the Criminal Investigation prison in Sana'a.

He revealed huge corruption at the National Disaster and Executive Units for the displaced, stressing the involvement of Houthi leaders in the looting of food baskets and aid provided by the international organizations and United Nations agencies.

Abu Yaser al-Shaer, the Receiver /the Public Trustee/ was accused by al-Emad to sell land properties for Houthi leaders at low prices after accusing people of malicious prosecution.

Antar a-Habari was also accused by al-Emad to loot funds of the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in Sana'a.

Hamoud Obad, appointed by the Houthi militias as the Mayor of the Capital Sana'a, was also accused by al-Emad that they jailed street vendors after they confiscated their properties, then they released them after paying fines amount to more than their Capital.

The Lawyer al-Emad, who belongs to Houthi movement, that al-Madani practices all kinds of offenses and crimes.

Al-Emad pointed out that the Houthi militias practiced worst forms of corruption, and torture against the citizens of Sana'a, attaching pictures showing the torture of a child carrying file No. 10565.