Houthi militias attack Zabeed library, loot historical books

English - Tuesday 22 January 2019 الساعة 08:55 pm
Al-Hodeida – NewsYemen.net

The Houthi militias have stolen ancient manuscripts and books from the historical city of Zabeed in al-Hodeida province.

Newsyemen source said that the Houthi militias on Sunday attacked the historical library in Zabeed city and looted the historical and scientific books, in addition to the generator of the library.

Abu Zaid, a Houthi supervisor, plundered 35 historical manuscripts at the time of the abduction of the library’s head Mr. Arafat Hadhrami.

The source added to Newsyemen that Houthi militias turned the library into an exhibition of its dead people in the war.