Houthis use heavy weapons, missile in al-Hodeida city Houthis continue violating ceasefire

English - Tuesday 22 January 2019 الساعة 09:30 pm
Al-Hodeida/Mocha – NewsYemen.net

Dozens of Houthi ceasefire violations were recorded in the past 48 hours in a number of areas and neighborhoods in al-Hodeida province.

The Houthi militias escalated mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the city, in addition the continued escalation in al-Jah area, south al-Hodeida city.

The Houthi militias used various types of weapons and guided missile. Soldiers of the Joint Resistance Forces were injured, and workers at Thabit Brothers Industrial Compound, were also wounded.

The Houthi militias intensified the shelling on the Compound in Kilo 7 east al-Hodeida and sites of the joint forces.

 A source of the Joint Resistance Forces counted more than 20 times the Houthi violations in al-Hodeida and in al-Jah. The figure was slightly lower on Monday.