Houthi minister for dialogue complains militias’ threat

English - Tuesday 22 January 2019 الساعة 09:50 pm
Aden – NewsYemen.net

A minister at Houthi government, the Iranian arm in Yemen, blamed a senior leader of the Houthi group any hateful act he or his family may suffer.

The Minister of State for Dialogue and Reconciliation, al-Qane, in Sana'a government issued a communiqué to the concerned parties held the member of the Houthi Political Office Esmail al-Wazir all responsibility for any misdeeds that may be inflicted upon him or his family.

Al-Qane posted on Facebook “The member of the Political Office for Ansrallah Esmail al-Wazir and his well-known group will be taken the full responsibility for any misdeeds that could harm me or my family."