Houthis provide Sultan Zaben with Spy Network Attorney general in Sana’a freezes arrest warrant for Zaben

English - الأربعاء 23 يناير 2019 الساعة 12:00 م
Sana’a – NewsYemen.net

The Yemeni Organization to Combat Human Trafficking (YOCT) revealed on Tuesday that the Houthi leader who is involved in the kidnapping and hiding dozens of Yemeni women and girls in Sana'a has a modern network to spy on civilians' calls.

The YOCT had earlier revealed shocking information about the involvement of leaders in the Houthi group, the first the so-called Sultan Zaben who was appointed at the Department of Criminal Investigation in Sana'a, in the shameful violations of the Yemeni women who were kidnapped and disappeared in the Houthi secret prisons.

The YOCT said in a statement posted on Facebook, NewsYemen noticed it, that Sultan Zaben has a modern network to spy on civilians' calls and violates their privacy.

This was considered a blatant violation of the civilians' privacy and a violation of the laws in Yemen.

Zaben used the spying on calls to enable him to practice him devilish hobbies to blackmail civilians so as to bargain them.

The YOCT condemned the failure of Sana'a Attorney General Majid al-Darbani to carry out his duties towards the serious issue of abducting and hiding 120 women in Sana'a.

The YOCT reported that it has obtained information, confirming that the Attorney General froze several cases, including the lifting of the control of Zaben and his associates.

The Attorney general was threatened and pressured by Houthi leaders to freeze the compulsory arrest warrants issued by the criminal prosecution against Zaben.