Human rights minister sacks human rights office in Mahra over fake report in al-Jazeerah

English - Wednesday 23 January 2019 الساعة 02:06 pm
Al-Ghaydah -

The Yemen's Human Rights Ministry said that al-Mahra governor Rajeh Bakrit stopped the director of human rights office in al-Mahra Ali bin Afrar in August in 2018.

The decree was issued by the Yemeni minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar that came after the office director violated administrative laws and violate the Ministry's regulations.

The local Authority in al-Mahra deplored what have been reported by al.Jazeera Satellite Channel run by Qatar and such a-Jazeerah's report is unfounded and baseless news

What have been reported aims to fuel the conflict between the people of the same province, implementing the malicious policy run by Qatar’s media outlet.